About Michael Anthony

Born in the USA, Michael Anthony is a singer, pianist and songwriter who fell in love with Brazilian Music. This love affair culminated in his first album Sonho. With enveloping melodies, beautiful arrangements and captivating vocals, this American wants to touch the hearts of Brazilians and be part of the new MPB generation.

Thanks so much for supporting my music! (Michael Anthony Lahue)

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Thanks so much for supporting my music! (Michael Anthony Lahue) Music is my way of being, expressing myself and relating to the world. It sustains, inspires and cures me. In fact, my creative musical process practically defines my existence. This month I am launching a crowdfunding campaign on Patreon and on Apoia.se to sustain a […]

Muito obrigado por apoiar minha música! (Michael Anthony Lahue)

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A música é o meu jeito de ser, me expressar e me relacionar com o mundo. Ela me sustenta, me inspira e me cura. Aliás, meu processo criativo musical anda definindo minha vivência. Neste mês estou lançando uma campanha de financiamento coletivo e recorrente no Patreon e no Apoia.se para sustentar uma vida criativa e […]