michaellahue_-32Born in the USA, Michael Anthony is a singer, pianist and songwriter. He fell in love with Brazilian Music during the Montreux Jazz Festival (while he was studying in Austria), where he heard Brazilian music during the show Festa na Bahia [Party in Bahia].

Later, came his enchantment with Bossa Nova in the recordings of Astrud Gilberto as well as veneration for the music of Antonio Carlos Jobim. He was seduced by Brazilian Popular Music (MPB), “a celebration of simplicity, subtlety and purity; the voice of the soul”, as he himself defines it. And so, he finally surrendered himself to the charms of Brazil.

This whole love affair culminated in his first album Sonho [Dream]. With enveloping melodies, beautiful arrangements and captivating vocals, this American wants to touch the hearts of Brazilians and be part of the new MPB generation.